supports, supporting, supported
1) VERB If you support someone or their ideas or aims, you agree with them, and perhaps help them because you want them to succeed.

[V n] The vice president insisted that he supported the hard-working people of New York...

[V n] The National Union of Mineworkers pressed the party to support a total ban on imported coal.

N-UNCOUNT: usu with supp
Support is also a noun.

The prime minister gave his full support to the government's reforms... They are prepared to resort to violence in support of their beliefs.

2) N-UNCOUNT If you give support to someone during a difficult or unhappy time, you are kind to them and help them.

It was hard to come to terms with her death after all the support she gave to me and the family...

We hope to continue to have her close support and friendship.

3) N-UNCOUNT: oft supp N Financial support is money provided to enable an organization to continue. This money is usually provided by the government.

...the EC's proposal to cut agricultural support by only about 15%.

funding, assistance
4) VERB If you support someone, you provide them with money or the things that they need.

[V n] I have children to support, money to be earned, and a home to be maintained...

[V pron-refl] She sold everything she'd ever bought in order to support herself through art school.

5) VERB If a fact supports a statement or a theory, it helps to show that it is true or correct.

[V n] The Freudian theory about daughters falling in love with their father has little evidence to support it.

Support is also a noun.

The two largest powers in any system must always be major rivals. History offers some support for this view.

6) VERB If something supports an object, it is underneath the object and holding it up.

[V n] ...the thick wooden posts that supported the ceiling...

[V n] Let your baby sit on the floor propped up with plenty of cushions to support him.

7) N-COUNT A support is a bar or other object that supports something.
8) VERB If you support yourself, you prevent yourself from falling by holding onto something or by leaning on something.

[V pron-refl] He supported himself by means of a nearby post.

Support is also a noun.

Alice, very pale, was leaning against him as if for support.

9) VERB If you support a sports team, you always want them to win and perhaps go regularly to their games.

[V n] Tim, 17, supports Manchester United.

10) N-UNCOUNT: usu N n At a concert or show, the support or the support act is a less well-known person or band who performs before the main person or band.
11) See also supporting

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